DYNAMESH® is a uniquely designed and patented containment system for us in the Scaffolding, Construction and Mining Industries.

DYNAMESH® has been extensively tested against similar products in the market today. DYNAMESH® has shown it is consistently 50% stronger and 30% lighter than others.

Constructed from High Density Polyurethane with fiberglass re-enforced banding, stitched to provide stability and strength, it is one of the strongest and lightest products available in the market today.

Dynamesh® is available in standard 1.85 metre high X 10 metre length Rolls, weighing in at 14.5 kg per roll, making it easier for single person handling and less wastage.

DYNAMESH® complies with

  • AS 2001.2.3.1-01
  • AS 3706.4
  • AS 1891.1 App B
  • Queensland workplace Health & Safety Regulations 2008
  • Section 282.2
  • All test reports are available on request.

Benefits include:

  • Significant savings in labour installation and dismantle times
  • Wire is eliminated completely, no wire tangles or protuberances
  • No wire = no wire lacerations
  • Reduction of trip hazards
  • Ease of use and more importantly re-use
  • Can be cut and shaped easily with snips
  • Highly durable, can be re-used multiple times


  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red


  • 1.85m x 10m
  • 92.5cm x 10m (Blue ONLY)

Please give one of the team a call to discuss your needs and pricing.